Sunday, July 7, 2013

The People's coup & the Legitimacy of Blood.

I REFUSE to believe that elections are the only way to democracy! How many rulers had been elected and turned out to be mass murderers?
Morsi in the first round got only 20% of the votes. In the second and because it was either Shafiq or Morsi, people, mostly revolutionaries voted for Morsi, disregarding how much MBs and Islamists have victimized them in trying to appeal to the SCAF, get the parliamentary seats, and they have blessed them for killing us...most people voted for Morsi nonetheless for not wanting military man Shafiq in power, including 16 y-o Jika who voted for him for the same reason and got killed protesting against his policies.
People gave Morsi legitimacy through the ballot boxes, and took it away from him in the squares!

Morsi & the MB are the ones who have long been cooperating with the SCAF, justifying their crimes, criminalizing us for revolting against the military junta. Islamists had accused Tahrir Woman who has been stripped off her clothes by the army, of starting it, attacking the military forces, undressing herself too. They have demanded in their Islamist owned parliament that the police be armed by more weapons against "thugs" of Mohamed Mahmoud, aka revolutionaries against the SCAF. Hundreds have lost eyesight and have been killed ever since SCAF rule & MB collaborating with them during that time, and starting from ikhwan rule till our present time. The MB have facilitated, justified and participated in the army's crimes against protesters all through 2012.

The first time I protested against Morsi was 4 months after he had become president after he had issued a very oppressive and patronizing constitutional declaration, violating the rules of the constitutional court and the Law in general, and worse, he had immuned all his decisions, rather orders, issued in this declaration, saying it bluntly that no one, not even the judiciary, has the right to object. . At first I was not calling for the removal of the 4-months-old regime. I was only asking for my legal & constitutional rights after a revolution that took half of my friends, to guarantee the country would not be ruled again by one giant dictator who controls everything, has all powers.

At this protest, we were staging a very peaceful sit in (until the young members of MB came from 6-7 different cities in buses to attack it, which has resulted in many deaths) against Morsi's constitutional declaration and the the constituent assembly whose members are only Islamists. I don't have a problem with Islamists. I have a huge problem with the domination of one political force on the political scene, and the exclusion of all the other forces. 

Journalist AL Hussieny ABu Dief was killed by them. He was only filming, performing his journalistic duty. they attacked him, killed him, stole his camera, and did this with many other reporters. 

(Al hussieny abud dief, a journalist killed by ikhwan 4 months after morsi became president.)

They started to abduct many protesters, and the police stood silent, and the torture camps started, IN FRONT OF THE GATES OF THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. Even if Morsi did not ask them to do so, although he bulntly did in a speech, he did not stop them either.

Many different people, from many different social statuses came to stage the sit in, even former diplomats did. 

(Former diplomat Yehya Zakareya tortured by Ikhwan. P.S: he resigned under Mubraka in protest of his policies.)

Mubarak used to start vicious battles between protesters and security forces, and as vicious as they were, they are not as dangerous as Morsi's using his followers to fight his battles with the opponents. He is starting a civil war. He is inciting the people of the same nation, regardless of how politically different they are, or how much they disagree, against each other. Here is what has happened on that day. DO READ:

Jika was a 16 y-o student who thought everyone should vote for Morsi, for not wanting military man Shafik in power and he also celebrated Morsi's winning in Tahrir square. Months later, when the police was killing the revolutionary youth in Mohamed Mahmoud, he went to save his friends, and got killed in the process, at the very same spot he was celebrating Morsi's win.

(Jika celebrating Morsi's win at Tahrir square, Mohamed Mahmoud street)

(Photo of Jika after he had been shot in anti-Morsi protest in Tahrir, same spot where he chanted for Morsi.)

(This is one of the many friends of Jika when we were in his funeral march, passing through Tahrir in honor of his activism after he had been killed.)

The same nation which a small part of it voted for Morsi has a bigger part of it now rebelling against him. 

Revolutionary stance on Pro Morsi sit-ins: 

I go to pro Morsi sit ins, trying to break the media blackout concerning their sit ins,  and I'm against the media blackout regarding what is happening now at the ‎#ikhwan sit ins, would never accept security forces' crackdown on them. This revolution started as an idea...for freedom, equality, bread and social justice. Ikhwan excluded all other forces from the political scene, and that was their biggest mistake, and the cause of their demise ( I am not gloating because they are "defeated now. That is so immoral), but they have taken away many rights from us, which they are asking for now. Right is right. wrong is wrong. and a principle remains a principle! Kill me, but I feel that the normal ikhwani members, not the leaders, believed they were fighting for an idea/project too. And regardless of how much I dislike it and disagree with it, but I know what a dream represents to a person, and it pains me that they now feel like their dream has been stolen, and I am not analyzing this politically, but...humanly maybe? I am not happy with how they feel now, not at all, but I do hope they learn from their mistakes and know that if they cause an injustice to people, the people are going to get their rights back. I hope every single politician, including, and especially the military, know for sure that this nation has tried and experienced many things in the past two years, and we are not going to be fooled again, and won;t settle for less. Down with Mubarak. Down with military rule forever and always, down with Ikhwan's rule and injustice. I still can not celebrate. I don't know. I am very scared, cautious and somehow not satisfied. Or have I forgotten how to be happy? I don't know, but one thing for sure, seeing my people happy makes me happy, even if they are delusional. We have suffered enough, the least we deserve is a moment of peace and justice. I do hope the military stick to their main role; guarding borders. I hope the next gov truly changes the ministry of interior which has killed many of our young people. And I do hope the next ruler, whofuckingever he is, learns the many lessons we have given former rulers during the past two years. I do hope the people of this country sleep happily tonight, including members of the brotherhood (leaders def not included)."

June, 30th, 2013: 

We were the ones who first burst  out chanting Down down with military rule as soon as the armed forces' spokesperson said they have an alternative political roadmap for us. I denounced the military's interference in the political scene, but then again I found that they only gathered the political forces, Azhar, Church and the Tamarod youth for talks, did not impose any of their views on any of them. 

My instant reaction to the armed forces' statement announcing they have a roadmap for us was "down down with military rule and the army's interference in the political scene". But all I saw afterwards was that they only gathered the revolutionary forces, and the revolutionary forces, including the youth of Tamarod, made the decision. The army does not need to interfere in the political scene while they control like 40 % of the country's economy! That is what we should be fighting against, not accept the tyranny of an unjust ruler, fearing another. 

Egypt has had many million man marches ever since Morsi's ouster. We wanted to hold many million man marches all over Egypt, even after Morsi's ouster, to ensure that we, the People, are the sole decision makers in the country. It is a clear message to ikhwan, the opposition, and most importantly the military and police, that our free will and demands are the two factors changing the political scene in Egypt.

Tamarod, representing the revolutionary youth, are the ones who have done all the work. They are the ones who revolted against Mubarak, the junta and Morsi, never asking for any political post/interest. They are the ones who have wandered each single city and street gathering signatures against him, as a democratic way to oust him!

Saying that the army is the one making decisions and ousting Morsi is not only unfair, but delusional too. Turning a blind eye to the 33+ millions who marched against Morsi and to the 22+ millions signatures against him is delusional. 

What legitimacy? What democracy? We have elected a president based on his promises of reform, and he has done nothing concerning this regard. Worse, he has made it worse. Military trials for civilians had not been stopped, killing of protesters, jailing journalists and activists for TWEETING, and putting Egypt at the doorstep of a civil war, are all part of Morsi's achievements

Chance? Yeah. Let us give morsi his chance to leave us many jikas killed, imprison many Hassan Mostafas and Domas, leave many minors in military prisons, exclude all the other political forces, appoint more Ikhwanis in executive and crucial positions, leaving all the experts out of the scene, drowning Egypt more and more, APPOINTING SCAF MURDERERS AS HIS PRESIDENTIAL CONSULTANTS AND HONORING THEM WITH MEDALS. 

(This group of pro Morsi campers (I met them at Raba where they are staging their sit in) CLAIMS to have been against military rule, spoke well against ‪former SCAF members and denounced Islamist support of the SCAF, But now speaks of legitimacy)

An MB supporter  once asked me: "If you take an exam, and I tell you that the time of the exam is 4 hours, do I have the right to take the answer sheet from you after only one hour?"

Me: What if I violate the rules and cheat? Yes, that gives you the right to take my paper, AND punish me for it too. I am the one who did not respect the rules in the first place!

Morsi is the one who violated the rules, did not fulfil a single promise. It is not the people that do not respect your own sick definition of "democrazy"

Want Legitimacy? Define it for me first!

Give me Jika's legitimate right to join a university, graduate and lead a normal life, and I give Morsi his legitimacy back.

Give me Samira Ibrahim's, and 17 other women, right not to be criminalized when the junta subjects them to virginity tests, with Islamist blessings, and I would give Morsi his legitimacy back.

Legally pursue all the police officers who have killed protesters since 2011 until 2013, and have been cleared by court and I would give Morsi his legitimacy back.

Stop Morsi from accusing Christians and opponents of fighting against Islam, not his policies, and I'd give him his legitimacy back. 

Make Morsi withdraw the medals of honor he has given the SCAF members and I'd give him his legitimacy back. 

Give Egyptian youth & politicians their right to participate in the political scene which has been unlawfully occupied by only Morsi's supporters and I'd give him his legitimacy back.

Make them nullify the "protest Law", which gives the police the right to violently disperse any sit in, using live ammo, which has been proposed by their Shoura council in trying to stop us from protesting against the SCAF, and I'd give Morsi his legitimacy back!

Make Morsi stop using his supporters, relying on them to fight his battles against us, instead of resorting to even the security forces, starting a civil war between the people of the same nation, and I'd give him his legitimacy back.

We were the ones who protested and got killed in front of the Isareli embassy, while the glorious MBs did cut the diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity, CRIMINALIZED us for protesting, gave SCAF the right to order OUR ARMY troops to kill us there and in many places. And after Morsi became president, he sent Perez love letters, LITERALLY love letters. What did he do the Camp David accords? Did he close the embassy? 

I have interviewed people in four different squares, and they all said that they know for a fact that junta is not going to interfere in politics, and if they do, we will stop them, because we have tried them again. It is true most of them naively trust the new army generals are different and better than SCAF members, but it is also true that they said they would stand against them if they turned out to be the same or worse.

If you don't speak to the millions marching, shut the fuck up! 

NO. We do not trust the military, never will, and that is why you still can see us holding million man marches even after his ouster!

And let it be known that the fight between the ‎MB and the military does not mean that any of them are good. Both are power hungry criminals fighting over interests.

Let's wait to see who is going to win, and then fight the other who would be still killing us again for political & economic interests. But let us do so while we are not being turned into monsters who justify any of their crimes against each other or against us.

(Morsi honoring SCAF members & appointing them his presidential consultants, after previously vowing to legally pursue them for what they have done to us; killing, torturing, and detaining thousands of our revolutionary youth.)

MB‬'s true battle now is not between them and any sorta "regime", regardless of how good/bad we think this current "regime" is. It is between them and the people, everyday life people, and stupid as they are, they are making it worse with those street battles widening the rift and spreading their battle which has surpassed the political scene with its political & military figures and has been moved to the streets with everyday life normal citizens! Again, they are the main reason, one of many, why the people are enraged & fully reject them. They have totally & completely lost the People!
And again, it is such a huge difference between those who have chanted against military rule, since day one, and got killed while demanding retrieving the rights of ALL martyrs of the revolution & meeting demands of the revolution, and between those who started chanting against military rule only when power was taken away from them.

I refrain from making any comments untill the picture becomes more clear.

Down with military rule. Down with military aggression. Down with MB injustice. Down with MB lies & rule. Down with Mubarak and his former regime remnants. And glory be to those who have been killed since 2011 until today, yes, including pro Morsi campers!

If you can not take any side, fearing military rule and rejecting MB rule at the same time, then do not take any sides at all. I chose to side with those who marched in millions in the streets. But I would not hesitate a second to march against military rule, even if alone at any point I feel they represent a threat to us again. Choosing the less of two evils is still choosing an evil. Make up your own minds. They ALL have blood of martyrs' on their hands. They all were using the same foreign policies with the Zionists and the gulf countries too. None of them restructured the police. None of them supported freedom of expression or press. None of them freed us from our subordination to the West and the US. Do not side with a monster fighting against another.

Don't be an opportunistic MB and justify the military violations & crimes, just like they used to do with us when they were in power, justifying SCAF crimes against us just to appeal to them and stay in power, get the parliament. Don't lose your revolutionary spirit and accept any military violations. And do not be a mindless sheep thinking any of those who voted for Morsi and are now marching against him are Islamophobes. 

Give the Egyptian activists a break from your arrogant & patronizing criticism.

   I am just gonna watch now, will visit both, the opponents and the supporters, and will try to depict a true image of what is truly happening. Other than that, I will have to wait so long before taking sides, but let it be known, at any time millions like those who have marched on June, 30th march again, I will join the march, regardless of anything, regardless of what is happening on the political scene at this time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

يا أطباء مصر...الرحمة!

لما ابقي باتعالج بقالي 4 سنين عند 14 دكتور ( عدد غير مجازي) او اكتر باختلافاتهم العمرية و الخبرة و الفلوس...و ف الاخر مميعرفوش مالي هاقول دة طب...مقدرش يوصل...ملومش عليه...لكن اما يبقي الرد اول ما ادخل عليه و من قبل ما اقعد "انتي جاية لي لية؟ انا مش قلت لك ملكيش علاج عندي و الحالة ملهاش تشخيص؟ جاية لية؟ انا معنديش حاجة جديدة اقولها...يالا اتفضلي و امشي و لو عاوزة تشوفي دكتور غيري انتي حرة)
و لما ابقي باصرخ ساعة الا ربع من الوجع في استقبال مستشفي خاص فاخر...و مفيش الا دكتور واحد في المستشفي كلها...كأن الناس مش من حقها تعيا او تموت في الصباح الباكر..و الدكتور انا واثقة انه سامع صريخي من الدور التالت...و مينزلش...و امي تطلع له 3 مرات تناديه...ومتلاقيش في ايده حالة شغلاه مثلا...ويرد عليها بقلبها الموجوع و اعصابها التلفانة من صريخ بنتها "طيب طب نازل نازل"...و اما الصراخ يشتد ويسرح في كل جسمي لدرجة ان رجال الامن يقرروا يغامروا و يكلموا الدكتور المغرور من موبايلاتهم علي حسابهم و يرد "انا مش قلت نازل!" و تقرر ممرضة وعاملات نظافة يغامروا بالتهزيق و يطلعوا ينادوا له وهو كل دة منزلش...
واما المفروض اخد مسكنات قوية بس هما يقولوا لامي لا هانستني 3 ساعات كمان عشان لازم نصرفهم من صيدلية المستشفي..ونعمل بيزننس...مع ان في صيدلية لازقة ف المستشفي والدكتور يقدر يكتبلي روشته يبقي مصرح بها اشتري دوا نازل جدول...بس يقرر انه يستني 3 ساعات من وجعي عشان يعمل بيزنس لصيدلية المستشفي وينفعها...
واما بعد دة كله ميكشفش عدل و يقولي دي زايدة...اقوله انا لسة شايلة الزايدة عندكم من كام شهر...يقولي اةة...تبقي قرحة..
واما الممرضة تستني عليهم نص ساعة علي ما تنزل تصرفه من صيدلية المستشفي علي ما تخلص الشاي بتاعها في حين ان صريخي رغم تعبي لسة قوي و مسمعها...واما تجيبه و تدخل تشمئز قوي و اول نطقها يبقي "علي فكرة انتي صريخك معصبني...مش عارفة اركز في الحقن...في اية؟ انتي متعبتيش كدة في الجراحة..اية يعني اللي ممكن يكون واجعك كدة؟ اسكتي عشان اعملك الدوا..لو مسكتيش مش هاعمله"...في اللحظة دي مش بس مرضي اللي كسرني...لكن كمان الانسانة و ةالثورية اللي جوايا اتكسرو اما ملقتش قوة ارد بها عليها اقولها انا مش بضاعة...انا انسانة بتحس...وانتي مقصرة...لازم تتحاسبي...بس لم اجد قوة كافية و زاد وجع القلب و الاحساس بالظلم و التهميش علي وجع الجسم..
واما بعد دة كلة الصيدلية تمضي امي علي روشتة الادويا مرتين و تحاسبها عليهم مرتين و اما تركز و تسأل ميقدموش اي تبرير و يسيبوها و يمشوا...
و اما ابقي داخلة درجة اولي ممتاز و الغرفة نادرا ما تتمسح
واما موظف الخزنة يقرر ان مفيش فكة يا مدام فحلال عليا باقي الحساب...

واما الدكتور اللي مفروض بيتابع حالتي...يقرر ميجيش يوميها مع انه مفروض بيلف ع العيانين كل يوم في نفس الوقت...و يقفل تليفونه...و انا باصرخ من 7 صباحا حتي 11 مساءا الي ان فقدت الوعي تقريبا و ضغطي بقي 40 علي 50...و كل دة و الدكتور قرر يروح عيادته الخاصة بدل ما يعمل شغله المعروف و يفوت يطمن ع العيانين فيالفترة المسائية!
واما ميجيش تاني يوم في الفترة الصباحية...و يفضل قافل تليفونه عشان لسة في عيادته الخاصة (مع العلم انه بيرد عليه اما بيكون شغال في المستشفي) لحد ما انا و امي نمضي علي اقرار اننا خارجين من المستشفي علي مسؤليتنا الخاصة قبل ما الدكتور اللي مش راضي يجي يصرح لي بخروج...لان اساسا قعودنا في المستشفي اصبح غير مجدي و هي صحراء جرداء!

واما ادخل دلوقتي بابويا علي نفس  المستشفي ...ادخل بيه شايلاه بما بقي لي من قوة..و الدكتور الامتياز الامور بردو ينزل بعد نص ساعة ساعة الا ربع و انا بابا قدامي مبيتحركش ولا عارف يتنفس و حرارته 40
واما يرفضضوا يدخلونا او يكشفوا عليه الا اما ادفع الف و نص.."يا مدام ما انا باقولك...الرعاية complete و غرفة الف و نص تحت الحساب) وميبقاش في اي ماكينات سحب فلوس قريبة...و مع فكرة اني بفضل الله قادرة ادفعهم و دفعتهم لان امي علمتني ان الطب في مصر تجارة و ان اي مصيبة ممكن تحصل دايما شيلي فلوس معاكي بزيادة...محدش عارف! طب لو غيري و معهوش ولا في ماكينات سحب فلوس ولا في جيبه؟
واما دة حال المستشفيات الخاصة...فكيف بالعامة؟

انا مش باطالب الدكتور يكون متعاطف...قادرة اتفهم القدر المناسب من البرود اللي لازم ينزل عليه عشان يتقن شغله دون قلق او تقصير...لكني باطالبه باسط اعماله...انه يتواجد..وانه يكشف قبل ما يشخص...وانه يولي المريض و وجعه ع البيزنس...يعني لو علاج مطول افهم انك تقولي استني اصرفه من مستشفيتك..لكن دة انا الوجع شل حركتي انا و ابويا!
ومع كل دة انا بيسألوني قافلة من الدكاترة لية! و عشان التعميم تعتيم...وعشان قامت ثورة في البلد دي...وعشان في دكاترة لسة بني ادمين...مضطرة عشان مبادئي ارجع اساند اعتصام الاطباء و مطالبه و حقوقهم زي ما باطالبهم بحقوقنا كمرضي لا حول لنا و لا قوة و لا جاة و لا مال اما مرض ربنا قدرهم يشفوه...بس هاساند من غير نفس...او بنفس هما كسروها اما بدؤا يعاملونا علي اننا بضائع!
الله يسامحكم...ويشفينا...ويحرصنا...ولا يحوجنا! 

اي طبيب شاب او كبير وهو يعد علي من يساندون اعتصام الاطباء احب اقوله...انت مش مضطر تبرر...او توضح موقفك..انا مش ضدك انت لو انت طبيب فعلا عارف واجبك زي ما بتدور علي ابسط حقوقك اللي انا لسة مؤمنة بحقك البديهي فيها...متضايقش من اللي كتبته...ولا مني...ولا عليا...بس انت و انتي اللي تقدروا تجيبوا حقوقكم..و تصلحوا المنظومة...ارجوكم اختلفوا!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

MOD clashes, one year later.

  • I knew about ABulHassan's martyrdom at dawn, as soon as he was shot. I did not sleep

    Martyr Abolhassan was a med school student, killed at the MOD sit in. When his friends went to his room to gather his stuff after his death, they found a photo of Alaa Abdel Hady, another martyr killed at the #QasrAiny sit in and was also a med school student at his university, hung on the wall.

    I was on my way to the scene at 7 am. Ahmad Mansour came with me. Abul
    Hasan was his friend. I only knew Abulasan from our Cairo Uni sit in. As soon as I reached the scene, it felt like Gaza after a Zionist attack. Everything was shattered and broken. Dead place. Dead city. Dead people walking by. People had put stones to frame the blood of the martyrs on the ground with.

    The blood looked like Hennah. But the colour was not beautiful. There were lots of blood clots on the ground. I felt like throwing up. But I could not even shed a tear. My defense mechanisms were so strong.

    Ahmad started crying hysterically as soon as he saw the blood trail stretch for 20 meters. Aggor met me at the entrance.

    He hugged Ahmad and I patted Ahmed's back to calm him down. We kept screaming at people defending the SCAF, standing right next to the blood. I could not really understand how they could say anything in defense of the SCAF while standing beside the blood, no, they were standing right over it with their shoes.

  • And then we went in. The streets in Abbaseya, unlike Tahrir, are so wide. this meant that we would not be as able to guard the entrances as we used to do in Tahrir.

    It was the first time I feel so scared. Why? I don't know.
    But this time it was not the army or the police we were fighting against. It was armed thugs this time. They are more vicious, and that is why the security forces don't engage and let them deal with us in such situations.
    We were shot at by people standing over the bridge. We were under the bridge. And then Aggor left me to go aid someone.
    And I stood alone with Ahmad who could not get a grip, still realizing he had lost a friend.
    We found two makeshift hospitals at the entrances.
    The scenes were intolerable.
    In Tahrir hospitals, we used to see people with no eyes, shot by birdshots, stones, keda.
    But there, we saw people who were slaughtered, with their throats ripped open, and they were taken away from the scene, slaughtered at the road, and then thugs on motorcycles threw their bodies at the entrances as if delivering a message to us, threatening and intimidating us.
    I kept taking pictures. And visiting the field hospitals to document all of that.
    Women were collecting stones.

    And it was not the first time I protest along side with Salafis, but it was the first time they protest against military rule.
    It felt weird, especially after the shameful stance they took after Tahrir Woman had been stripped off her clothe at Tahrir earlier.
    I kept telling them about Tahrir woman and how shameful their stance was. I came to support their right to protest, although I disagree with their demands, and yet I was so mad at them when I spoke of this girl, who was present by the way, helping at the field hospital. 
    They looked guilty.
    They are extremists somehow, ideologically, for me, but they are capable of admitting their mistakes. And they did admit that. But it was not enough for me.
    And then we kept receiving slaughtered people and people shot by bird shots from head to toes.

    We received about 30 of those every 20 minutes. I am not exaggerating here.

    They even threw molotov cocktails at children, burning them. 

    All I remember is that it was so hot and we were ambushed by military tanks from the side of the Ministry
    and the thugs from the other side.

    I saw thugs with swords, killing even children. It was the first time I see a bloodbath.
    As if a huge amount of water had been spilled on the ground, but it was blood this time, not water.
    We went to start a demonstration at the gates of the ministry, faced by the tanks, and then thugs attacked us from the other side and the scene was cleared.
    I went home that day, leaving something at the scene. Something I want back.
    I still see myself walking by the blood trail filming it, as if I need evidence to make people believe that people were killed.
    As if you need evidence of blood after such a massacre.
    I then went home to a family calling protesters thugs, believing whatsofucking ever the media tells them.
    And I did not even have enough power to tell them otherwise.
    I only felt victimized, not only by thugs and security forces, but by the whole community who would buy silly lies so easily.
    I still hear the cries of old men at the gates screaming "Oh my God, they have thrown another slaughtered man. We need people to carry him. He might still be alive. Ya Allah, help us."
    I am still angry.

    I am still angry at myself for not crying and letting it out that day.
    But I am doing so now. I guess. I don't want to remember the rest of what has happened.
    May be it is enough for me now to deal only with what I can remember so far.
    Why am I still alive? This is not a survivor's guilt.
    Atef and ABulhasan were killed at the same time.
    Why am I not even hurt?
    Is it fair?
    Is it fair to their families? is it fair that these people, who objected on the demands of this sit in, and only went believing that Salafis should not be attacked by security forces, no matter what their demands are and regardless of how much we disagree with them, be killed? They only went to support Salafis right to protest without being attacked by the regime.
    And then they were killed by the regime, and later on, Salafis wasted their rights. It all went in vain when they cooperated with the regime again, and when they did what they did at the parliament.
    It is just...I don't know.
    May they RIP, may their families and us all be healed.
    Why was Abulhasan denied his right to graduate after staying 6 years at med school and you know how hard that is? Why was Atef denied the right to marry his fiancee, Azza Helal, the woman in red coat who saved Tahrir Woman after she'd been stripped off her clothe at the square?

    Attef Al Gohary was killed at the MOD sit in, ministry of defense.

      WHY? I don't have a reason. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

اهالينا لازم يفهموا!

اهالينا لازم يفهموا ان مش بس عشان اعمارنا نص اعمارهم اننا عايشين في هنا "و في اية ممكن يكون مضايقك؟"...لازم يفهموا ان زماننا و تحدياتنا اصعب...لازم يفهموا ان كل ما الكون الكئيب بيكبر عمره.. احنا اللي بنعجز...لازم يفهموا ان يمكن زماننا ادانا فرص نعيش تحديثات لم يعيشوها..و ادانا فرص تجارب اكتر...بس لازم يفهموا ان فرصتهم و زمانهم اداهم براح يتنفسوا عن ما زماننا ادانا...لازم يفهموا ان مش عشان احنا في اوائل العشرينيات نبقي سعداء مرتاحين البال..لازم يفهموا ان متطلبات الوظيفة والرأسمالية اللي توحشت والحروب اللي تطورت في 2013 اضعاف اضعاف مطلباتهم في السبعينات! لازم يفهموا اننا مش جماد...اجسامنا بس اللي بتتعب...اة عادي نعيش و ناكل و نشرب بقلوب مكسورة فمتزودوهاش علينا...و زي ما لازم يفهموا اننا مكبرناش اوي كدة عشان تبقي كل الصعوبات دي بالنسبة لنا عادية زي ما هما فاكرين...لازم بردو يفهموا اننا اة مكبرناش...بس مش صغيرين...و نقدر بردو نمشي حياتنا دون توجيهات في كل كبيرة و صغيرة و ان متبعناهاش نبقي اغبياء وناكرين الجميل و فاكرين اننا عايشين وحدنا...عمري ما هاشكك في خوفهم علينا...بس الضغط...مبقاش في قاع ننزل فيه من كتر الضغط...سيبونا...احنا تحت الارض ...بس بنتبسم!
لازم يفهموا ان "حقك عليا" اللي بتتقال بعد ما بيفهموا علي قد ما بتريح...علي قد ما بتكسر قلبك انهم قالوها لعيل جابوه و شقيوا عشانه!

اهالينا لازم يفهموا...لازم يفهموا!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

عن الحاجات الصغيرة بس كبيرة و ليها معني...عن اسباب استمراري في كل حاجة :)

عن حبي ليونس شلبي 
عن العيال كبرت كل اول يوم عيد
عن اعجابي المراهق باحمد زكي وانا صغيرة
عن اغاني الست في الفجر مع فنجان نيسكافيه مولع في عز البرد و ضمير متأنب عشام مش بيذاكر و الحالة اللي انا فيها اما كنت باكتب عنك :)
عن ريحة شعر ماما في حضن الصبح
عن بابا اما يخطفني احضنه و انا باغطيه بالليل
عن طعم اول لقمة بعد اول يوم صيام
عن اكل الجامعة و عم عادل الطيب بتاع الكافيتريا اللي بيجبلك الاكل لحد عندك اما تطلب...و كتير من غير ما تطلب :D
عن اول مقالة اكتبها احلل فيها حاجة انا بس اللي شوفتها و ابهرت نفسي
عن المشهد اللي بيبكي فيه البطل علي مراته في Just Like Heaven
عن حبي لشرا الاقلام الملونة كتير
عن عشقي للورق الابيض الناعم التقيل و اول خط ازرق غامق تقيل فيه بغض النظر باكتب اية
عن الوان فستاني يوم حفلة تخرجي
عن احساسي اول ما بالبس كعب..وبعدها ب 4 ساعات بابقي شبه متحدي الاعاقة
عن 20 سنة صداقة من 22 سنة انت عشتهم علي وجه الارض
عن الامان اللي بتحسه من 2 3 بس اهم حواليك في اي ظرف
عن اليقين...عن اليقين اللي بتدعي فيه و من ثقتك في الاستجابة تجهز نفسك نفسيا و جسديا لاستقبال ما دعيت بيه
عن مقدرتك لسة تأمن بحاجة شايفينها مبتذلة و متخلفة
عن اختيارك للمألوف لاسباب غير مألوفة
عن اول مرة بدلأت اسمع الست و اتنحنح من غير ملل
عن صوت فيروز وانا رايحة محاضرة 8 الصبح نايمانة
عن مناقشاتنا و اعادة حسابتنا للمسلمات بها من الافكار في المحاضرة مع مدرسين اصحابك مش مأمورين اقسام
عن حضن دكتورة المادة ليا في وسط corridor
عن اول موبايل تاتش جيبته
عن اول مرة اكتب عربي ع الكيبورد و حسيت اني بانقي رز مش باكتب

عن يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر!

عن الثورة و الميدان واول مرة الناس فعليا "تقابل بعض"
عن كوباية شاي بالنعناع (غالبا بيبقي نجيلة مش نعناع) الساعة 7 بليل عند تمثال (في مقولة اخري صنم) عمر مكرم في وقت الاستراحة بين جولات الضرب..
عن الخل و الخميرة و الابيكوجيل واقراص الفحم و اللبن والقطن و الشاش
عن صيدلية عملتلي خصم و اديتني حاجات ببلاش اما عرفوا اني باشتري دوا للميدان
عن مسيرات الطلبة الجامعة و مصطفي محمود
عن نضال الحركة الطلابية و زرعهم للخيم وسط جنينة الجامعة في تحدي صترخ و غلس لادارة فاشية و فاشلة
عن كمامات بتلبسها لناس متعرفهاش عشان ايدهم مش فاضية
عن اول مولوتوف ساعدت في عمايله
عن رسومات محمد محمود
عن حبة عيال وقفوا قصاد عساكر و بلطجية و جنارالات و تجار دين و اهاليهم و عائلاتهم و العرف و التاريخ المغلوط لجيش عيرة...
عن ضابط جيش قالي احنا معاكم بس ايدينا مكتفة و فتح لي الطريق اعدي بمسيرة طلبة صغيرة
عن لزقة استيكر "لا للمحاكمات العسكرية" علي دبابات داست علينا
عن ماسبيرو و ضحكة مينا دانيال و حبيبته ماشية جنبه مكسوفة
عن ماسكة ايد فيفيان لمايكل في المشرحة
عن عماد عفت و اللي عملوا في اعتصام ماسبيرة و من اول الثورة لحد ما مات مقتول في الميدان جنب "العيال قليلة الادب البلطجية"
عن كل مرة كنت بارجع من اشتباكات باكح غاز حرفيا وسايبة اصحاب كتير غرقانين دم و راجعة بيتنا اخر اليوم نفسي في حد يطبطب عليا و يطمني و ياكلني و اول ما بادخل تصرخ امي في وشي "اية اللي وداكي؟ مش شايفة بيكسرو و يخربوا ازاي؟ هما دول اللي سيبتي كل حاجة عشانهم؟"
عن عدم مقدرتك في لحظة معينة انك ترد ع الاشاعات اللي بتتقال عليك...اصل الادلة صارخة...والكلام بقي ماسخ
عن شبكة ايدينا قجام هارديز وقت الضرب...عن رعبنا و صعوبة بلع ريقنا كل ما صوت بياداتهم وهما بيجرو ناحيتنا يقرب و احنا مضطرين نقف مكاننا عشان ميخترقوش الميدان
عن اول مرة الاحظ خوف متداري في وشوش رجالة كبار
عن ولد غريب عني...معرفتش اسمه ولا فاكرة شكله...خد ايدي شالني طلعني رصيف بعد هجوم ميليشياتنا الوطنية اوائل محمد محمود...و مخفتش منه..و سيبته يعديني الرصيف العالي و انا مأمنة له
عن ولد تاني ساب الضرب و جري ورايا يقولي متخافيش متخافيش...متجريش بالراحة بالراحة بالراحة انا معاكي..خدي نفسك..و فضل معايا ومع اصحابي
عن بنات كتير بتجري خايفة في وسط الضرب في نفس اليوم و المكان و الوقت بفردة جزمة واحدة و كأنها موضة جديدة..بس هي مش موضة..ولا هما قلعوها بمزاجهم
عن اغاني الشيخ اما قدام مجلس الشعب باليل يوم مسيرة الطالب العالمي
عن العباسية و تمسكنا بمبادئنا حتي بعد ما اصحابها تخلو عنها...و ازاي انها كانت اشرس معركة حتي الان بالنسبة لي..
عن الحالة اللي توصلك تهتف "ارفعي راسك...ارفعي راسك..انتي اشرف من اللي داسك!"

عن هارديز وشباب بيجري ناحية الضرب والهتاف اثبت اثبت..ارجع ارجع..

عن مظاهرة ف قلب الضرب والطلبة داخلة من قصر النيل بتصرخ الجدع جدع و الجبان جبان واحنا يا جدع هنموت في الميدان

عن المواطنين الشرفاء علي اطراف الميدان بيشتمونا وبيحدفوا علينا ازاز من فوق الكوبري

عن البنات اللي واقفة في وسط محمد محود بالخل والبيبسي و بتخلع الطرح تمسك بيها القنابل وتحدفها تاني ع البلطجية والجيش والشرطة

عن الشباب اللي شايلينهم للميداني و لمة الكل و تلاحمهم ولا العائلة الواحدة ساعة الضرب

عن قلقك علي اصحابك و كتبك اللي تقع وانت بتجري

عنالخبط علي الحديد تحذير من هجوم جديد

عن المصاب اللي جنبك ويقع بدالك و بنفس راضية وتطوعا و الطبطبة ع التعبان

عن اللي بيرجع غاز علي اول محمد محمود

عن صوت الاسعاف اللي مبيقفش ويخليك في انهيار عصبي

عن صعوبة سماع اتهاماتنا بالبلطجة والعمالة في البرلمان وسط القتل

عن ضي عيوننا اللي اتسرق و العيون اللي طارت

عن الايمان بالقضية وعدم الطمع في مكسب غير انك تعيش حر...

عن الطفل الضغير اللي هدومة مبهدلة وانت اضعاف عمره بس ياخدني يوصلني مطرح ما احب عشان يطمن ان العساكر مش هيضربوني و يعزم عليا بالسندويتش اللي معهوش غيره و غالبا مش هيبقي معاه غيرة لفترة كبيرة قدام...

عن قراية الفاتحة للشهدا مطرح ما اتقتلو علي مدخل الكوبري..

عن الهروب من الشوارع الجانبية وكوبيات الشاي اللي بتفع ع الارض وقت الجري

عن الامهات اللي واقفة عفية مش خايفة

عن الاعاشة والصلاة و الادوية اللي اتكدست

عن  احساسنا ان الكل باعنا بس احنا ملناش غير بعض...واقفين جنب بعض...عارفين اننا الصح..ان ملناش مطمع...

عن اللي بيجري بعييييييد يرد علي التليفون "لا يا ماما تحرير اية انا في كوستا مع اصحابي" 

عن تكدسنا فوق بعض في ميكروباس واحد هربانين فيه عشان نفضي مكان للشباب اللي رايحة تطمنن علي اصحابها في المستشفيات او هما نفسهم مصابين...

عن دم الغريب اللي مش غريب علي طرحتي...

عن موتوسيكلات الغلابة اللي عليها اقساط بس جايبينها يشيلو بيها مصابين..

عن الاحساس اللي بيجي اما تفتكر محمد محمود الاولي:
عن اشتياق مع كسرة نفس مع حب مع بكيمع انه مش اعنف شي شوفناه....بس كنا لوحدنا ضد الكل....الكل باعنا...مكنش لنا الا بعض!
 عن حرقة هتافنا: اشهد يا محمد محمود...خدنا الخطوة في وش الموت...كنا للحرية شهود...قتلوا اخواتنا و كانوا ورود...كانوا ديابة و كنا اسود...كانوا ديابة و كنا اسود..."